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10 reasons why you are not famous on Instagram

I see it daily. Enthusiastic newcomers are eager to make a success of their Instagram profile.

In this blog, I want to share my experiences about why certain Instagram profiles fail and why others are successful.

How do I know all these things? With our social media services (followers, views, likes) of Buy Instagram Followers UK, we attract new customers every day. Also, I come into contact with all kinds of interesting people, all with their ideas and methods. Over time I have got a nice picture of what works and what does not work on Instagram

I always try to give positive feedback, but today I do it differently. Today I am going to tell you what your ERROR is doing. Things that you as a content creator probably don’t handle well.

  1. You don’t do what the experts do

Please don’t see this as a tip to simply copy others. No. What I want to say is: the experts know what they are doing, try to take advantage of this. Questions related to this that I keep seeing:

  • What do I write in my bio?
  • I have a page with 40,000 followers, how can I make money with this?
  • What kind of content should I post?

It is not wrong in itself to ask these questions, but at the same time, it shows that you are not observing well what the experts in your niche are doing. They are at the top for a reason: they are good at what they do.


start an investigation. Grab a pen and paper, go on Instagram, and list the 10 best / biggest profiles in your niche. Write down: followers, next, messages, captions, avg. likes per photo, etc. Write down as much as possible to get a complete picture of the profiles.

Try to find similarities between these profiles and find out what they do but you don’t (yet).

  1. You give up too quickly

Creating a successful profile is a marathon, not a sprint. Think in months, not weeks. The first 10,000 followers will be the most difficult to achieve. In general, it takes 2 to 3 months to reach this point.

When it comes to building social networks, people often think it’s fun, profitable and not that much work. That is not the case. It takes time to see results. You will have to consistently put energy in your profile for the long term.

Whatever happens. When a profile does not grow fast enough, profiles are turned upside down. A different niche, username, or whatever is chosen, hoping to grow faster after this. This is often not the right solution. Stick to your current plan, keep going through the tougher times.

  1. You have no external motivators

Why do you want to be successful on Instagram? Are you looking for fame, money or just want to help people? Whatever it is, you have to be brutal when it comes to Instagram’s success.

What helps a lot here is the creation of external motivators. By this I mean: something that you create or enforce that motivates you to get better on Instagram. examples?

Buy a huge whiteboard and write down your goals here. Not only will it make you feel good when you can tick off 50,000 followers, but other people will also see it. For me, that is a great motivator not to sit still but to progress with my project.

You can also tell people around you your ambitions. Explain what you plan to achieve. Even ask them to bring up this topic weekly to see your progress. Because of this, you will continue to work hard.

NOTE: The motivation to do what you do should not depend only on these external motivators. However, they can help you well.

  1. You don’t seek interaction

Interaction is very important! It is often thought that a good content strategy is sufficient to become successful on Instagram. If you want to grow followers fast, you can Buy Instagram Followers Cheap to get more followers in less time and keep thriving.

However, that’s only one half of the puzzle. You must continuously seek interaction with everyone in your niche. Like, follow, comment on anything relevant to your profile.

  1. You automate too much

In general, automating your Instagram profile is a good way to save time. But, you can also talk about this. Manually managing your profile will always be of higher quality, automation can look very unnatural and impersonal.

  1. You post too many or too few messages

You must understand your followers. Know what followers view your content and why. Find out how often you post on your profile. This can vary in every niche. People who follow a humor page may want to see a message from you 8 times a day. But followers of a fitness page often find enough 2 or 3 times a day. Point 1 helps you with this.

Be careful not to become obsessive about this. Do you want to post 3 times a day but don’t have a good quality post in mind? Then don’t do it.

Another important aspect: timing. It can have a major influence on the time you post your messages. Later, a tool that helps you plan your posts did a survey on its users. 61,000 posts were analyzed to determine when photos received the most likes and comments. It turned out that messages got the most interaction when they were posted at 2:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Why do you leave a message at night I hear you think? Matt Smith, the founder of Later, gives his view on this:

17:00 is pretty obvious. It’s almost the end of the workday for most, and the last few minutes killed them by scrolling through their Instagram feed.

  1. You are not consistent

By this, I mean both the timing of your messages and their styling. Although you can occasionally place an outlier, you must find your style and stick to it. Do you get a lot of likes on your selfies? Then it is unwise to post memes half the time.

This is also an important aspect when you are working with advertisements. Don’t place ads that don’t merge with your original content. Advertisements should look as natural as possible.

  1. You have no original content

Why would someone follow you if you are a clone of other pages?

  1. You are advertising incorrectly

First, many people start placing ads on their pages too early. Followers are often not happy with ads, in the initial phase of your profile this can have a lot of impact on growth. No one wants to follow a profile with 500 followers that spam ads in every post. If you are not sure to start, it is often too early.

Second, your ads are irrelevant. Relevance is very important when it comes to advertising. Take advantage of ads that your followers may find genuinely interesting. If you are in the comedy niche, don’t advertise with expensive watchers, advertise with ‘funny’ t-shirts.

  1. You don’t build a ‘fire’

Always be building your fire! Today’s consumers are very aware when something is sold to them, and they are more willing to buy things from people they support. You need to figure out how to build a fire that people want to support.

If you have one in a dozen profiles, why would people buy from you? Why would they support you? Find a way to convince your followers that you are not just any person on Instagram. Build a relationship with your followers.


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