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4 Random Things to Set Your Boring Work Mood Straight

The blog talks about how you make the most for your office time with weird things to say. It shows 4 examples of such weird funny things you can use in your workspace.

People talk of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other social gatherings as the most happening places. But have you ever visited an office? Only where you work, right? Well, you will agree that a place of work is perhaps one of the most happening places in the world. From gossips to hate speeches, you will be subject to all possible things that can be spoken with the mouth. However, one of the most regular aspects of any office is the weird things that are heard, which are pure examples of a human’s inborn quality of ridiculing (to the greatest extent that can ever be possible).

So, frankly speaking, if you want to know about a great many weird things to say at the office, just keep your ears on high alert. Frankly speaking, there is no such list that carries weird or funny things to say that you can use in the office. It is just the aptness of the words for that particular situation that makes them so absurdly “praise-worthy”. And in this blog, we shall be talking about a handful of these that you too can use among your colleagues (better not use it in front of your team leader or boss) in your not-too-busy working hours.

Here are 4examples of weird things that you can use in your office:

  1. “Would you rather be a bath or a toilet?”– As far as weird things to say go, this one doesn’t make sense, yes. But neither does this one person who keeps on blabbering about something or the other all the time and you just want him or her to shut up, or to speak more “officially”, be quiet. The best thing that he or she can do is turn into either of the mentioned in the question; to the extent that you want the magic lamp to rub, summon the genie and wish for them to shut up.
  2. “Babies aren’t just for Christmas.” – This is a perfectly pleasant yet catchy yet something funny to say to your colleague who’s only “crime” is working all the time. No matter what you want to know, what other’s want to know, if you want to take a break, or spend the weekend at a  friend’s place or even if you have tickets for a ride to the moon itself, this person is busy and won’t have time for anything. So a good way of mentioning to him or her the fact that work is not everything is to mention another fact i.e., ‘Babies aren’t just for Christmas,’ which basically means that office is not just for working. Working together, chatting with friends once in a while, basically sharing with co-workers is great for a healthy mind and spirit.
  3. “Can you show me how to open a banana?”–Sometimes, there is no work to do. We all go through this moment in time. Although quite rarely. But we do. When everything is quiet and sound, and silence is prevailing, getting random things to say is the best feeling in the world. Just ask someone at the right moment (funnily, our minds will tell when the right moment is, doesn’t it?) if he or she can do this. You are sure to achieve mental peace and certainly some dedicated laughs (from persons other than the one you asked it to).
  4. “I dreamt about you last night…It didn’t end well for you. You died.” – Disturbing. This is perhaps the most notorious exercise produced by humans. The act is simple here. Tell the beautiful colleague sitting next to you, “You know, I dreamt about you last night”. She will ask why eventually (that’s what beautiful colleagues do all the time). When she does, continue with “…it didn’t end well for you. You died.” And see how her expression changes. Don’t feel bad about it. She is your colleague. She deserves it.

There is no end to weird things to say when at the office. All you have to do is imagine. The rest will be done by the person you say it to. Happy irritating!!


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