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5 Best T-Shirts Printing Methods In 2020

It is very important to choose the right printing method so that you get the best results. There are different printing techniques and you have to choose the right one. You should contact the best painting professional in your area and ask him to tell about different printing techniques.

You can also take the help of professionals to choose the best technique to print your design on your t-shirt. They can also help in offering the best t-shirt graphic design. Here, we are going to discuss different printing techniques along with their pros and cons so that you can select the right method:

  1. Vinyl Cutting Printing Technique

In this printing technique, the design is transferred over the t-shirt by using soft clothing. You have to cut soft clothing into different designs.  Then you have to press these designs on your short and with the help of press heat method ink is transferred.

This printing method is the best option for printing on various fabrics. The prints are durable and of good quality. This printing technique is widely used for printing t-shirts.

  1. Direct To Garments Printing Method

The direct to garment printing method is just like a paper printer in your workplace. There is only one difference between printed and Direct To Garment (DTG) printing method i.e. printer prints on paper and DTG printed prints on fabric. In this printing technique, you have to upload your design on the computer. It will help in creating unique designs and let you be more creative. The DTG method is perfect for printing the various complex design on your t-shirt.

The design printed by the DTG printer is soft to touch and visually appealing as well. In this printing method,  the thick layers are not formed on the garments.

But, there is one problem in this printing method i.e. You will have a design with low resolution and dot pattern will appear if low quality printed is used. This technique is not suitable if you want to design on dark color garments. It is so because the ink is thin and it will not look good. The printing professionals offer cheap screen printing t-shirts and affordable DTG printing fabrics as well.

  1. Dye Sublimation Printing

This type of printing method is perfect for light color fabrics. It is a little costly printing method, but you will get a good design for your clothes. If you want to have the best printing results, then you must have deep knowledge or understanding of the dye-sublimation printing technique.

This printing method is perfect for polyester fabric. In this printing method, a special type of ink is required. When this liquid ink is poured over the polyester fabric, then it will start drying quickly. Once the liquid is dried well, then it will form a solid pattern on the fabric. The final stage is applying heat and pressure so that the sublimation process takes place and a good print form over the fabric.

  1. Heat Press Printing Method

Heat press printing technique is good for small quantity orders. This technique helps in saving resources and precious time as well. In this technique, you have to print your design on a special kind of paper. After that, you have to use this paper to transfer the print on the fabric.

For instance, if you want to print your company’s logo on a t-shirt, then you have to press your shirt on heat transfer vinyl. This method is somewhat similar to the dye-sublimation printing method. You have to press your t-shirt until to get the entire dye on your fabric.

Now, you have to take off the glossy paper so that you can get the desired pattern on the t-shirt. This method is perfect for highly complex printing methods. But, this technique is not ideal for dark color clothes. You can print your favorite designs on light color fabric.

  1. Screen Printing Methods

There are various benefits of screen printing techniques. The screen printing is also known as a silkscreen printing method. In this technique, you must have stencil and nylon mesh as well. T-shirt screen printing is one of the best printing methods.

You have to set up the stencil and it will let you print the design specified region and block flowing of color in unwanted spaces. If you want to have a very high-quality print on your t-shirt, then there could be nothing better than screen printing techniques. This technique helps in forming the replica of the design.

You can also print the unique designs on your t-shirt with the help of the screen printing technique. But, there is one disadvantage of a screen printing method i.e. it is suitable for one-color designs. This printing method is not optimum for complex color design.


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