5 Fresh ideas for your company newsletter

How to design newsletter that get opened every time.


Newsletters are a great way to keep your customers engaged with the brand. Over 62% of brand managers believe that Email newsletters provide the best ROI against investment. A good newsletter can get a customer who has forgotten about you re-engaged and can get your most loyal ones to respond to a call to action.

Here’s 5 newsletter ideas every business can try out.

How to create subject lines that will make people open your newsletters.

Based on this email marketing blog by COdesign, subject lines are the most important factor in determining if someone opens your email or not. The key to successful subject lines starts with a short and sweet line. Most devices only show the first 4 lines of your subject. So it is important to condense your message into those first words. Also, keep your subject lines simple and address it your customer as if you are speaking directly to them.

Write an employee testimonial

Employees are your greatest assets. By highlighting an employee of the week or month, you can let your customers know about the thriving culture of your workforce and engage prospective employees. In today’s age, customers are constantly looking for a brand they can relate to and trust. Which is why they are looking into the values of the companies, they work with or buy from. Employees are a great way of speaking to your customers and building a relationship that can only grow.

Make a list of the best products or services within your industry

Let’s be honest lists work. Bloggers can swear by the effectiveness of lists and you too will find a great advantage in your email marketing campaigns when you use lists. For this trip, find out a list of great products or services that relative to your industry. For example, Design Agency Pentagram loves to create a monthly list of their favorite client works.


Weigh in on a trending topic

Who doesn’t love a good trend? Am I right! Well, rhetorics aside, brands should always talk about things that are trending or weigh in on current events. Depending on your industry, you can talk about the latest events as they happen and be a thought leader in the conversation.

Recently, my inbox has been filled with Corona related tips and guides. But one guide that really stood out was growth hackers how to adapt your business to the Corona Pandemic.

Write a throwback themed letter.

As they say, nostalgia is a powerful drug and brands who capitalize on it can create unforgettable experiences for customers. In your next newsletter, create a personalized email outlining your customer’s journey with you throughout the years. Mention important milestones like when they first visited your website, how many times they’ve interacted and snippets of the best reviews they’ve left on your website.

Tips & How-to’s

Almost every business has a how-to or tips section. In fact, the most helpful tips on the internet aren’t limited to newsletters. They often span outwards to blogs, Instagram posts and more. The key to creating content that matters is not to differentiate (although that helps) but to find gaps in content. Look around your competitor’s website and social media handles to find topics they are not talking about and fill in the gaps with your own novel content.




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