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6 Great Glass Door Styles for Your White Kitchen Cabinetry

For people who want a kitchen that showcases peacefulness and have a pristine quality, white has always been the color of choice. The color white, besides its pristine nature, also makes the kitchen appear more spacious and open. This is also one of the main reasons why smaller kitchens are more often suggested to have white cabinetry; to uphold the white vibe while providing for sufficient storage space.

White kitchen cabinets are a great way to reflect a vintage look. However, in this blog, we will talk about some glass door styles which make these vintage white cabinets appear all the more Victorian. Moreover, the fact that they are glass doors makes for a better finish with a chic look of elegance.

Here are 6 glass door styles for your white kitchen cabinetry:

  1. Glassdoor muntins: Muntins are basically wooden bars separating adjacent panes of glass. As mechanical as the description sounds, muntins look absolutely gorgeous in a white kitchen cabinet design. You can opt from a varied range of muntin styles e.g. square, x-shaped, octagon, pentagon and many other geometric and curved shapes. Vintage cabinet design with muntin style glass doors provides for a great design appearance while showcasing space all the same.
  2. Leaded glass doors: These are another very chic style of glass door for your antique white kitchen cabinets. The style incorporates leaded carvings on the glass door that give the white vintage cabinetry just the perfect touch of modernism. Just as it is with muntins, leaded door styles are also available in abundance. Moreover, you can customize your own leaded style too. This style goes great with artificial light fittings inside the glass doors. Go for warm yellow lights that will help you showcase your vintage style better.
  3. Double stacked glass doors: Nothing to do in the glass itself, this style involves having not one but two doors one above the other. This helps bring a touch of symmetry to the design and makes better use of the storage space. Moreover, that you have opted for white vintage kitchen cabinets, the double-stacked glass doors will add for a better representation of both kitchen storage space and kitchen decor.
  4. Sliding glass doors: A modern fixture, this adds the perfect contrast to your vintage white kitchen cabinets style. Also, the sliding nature allows you to compromise less space, thereby making it easier for use. The sliding system requires no extra space or rather is a safer door style, which is not so with regular doors that hinge outwards and can cause injury if it goes unnoticed. These are great for both smaller and larger kitchen spaces and with efficient storage without compromising space at all.
  5. Tall glass cabinet doors: In this one, it is all about the size of the white kitchen cabinets. Tall glass cabinet doors lead all the way up touching the ceiling almost. This makes them look like nothing less than a vintage architectural masterpiece in your kitchen. While the size plays a significant role here, installing small lights inside the cabinets works great in showcasing your collections of teapots and dishes and all else in a perfect manner.
  6. Arched glass doors: Archers have always been a thing of the past. So, these too are a great way to enhance the looks of your white vintage kitchen cabinets. Let the glass be glass, but instead of a regular rectangular frame, go for an arched frame. The arch acts as the perfect contrast to the otherwise straight-lined cabinetry design.

These 6 glass door styles are a great way to make the most of your white kitchen cabinet design. All you have to do is decide which one will suit your kitchen better than the rest because all of them are equally great in their appearance.


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