6 Ways To Incorporate Audio Visual Technology In Your Booth

Nowadays, the count of exhibitors is continuously increasing in trade shows or exhibitions. It is due to the enormous benefits of participating in these events. All exhibitors spread brand awareness, get more customers, and earn high profits.

The trade shows are full of attendees and exhibitors, therefore, it becomes difficult to grab the attention of potential customers in this chaos. Thus, you should display attractive exhibition graphics, enticing audio vidual technology gadgets to attract your targeted customers.

If you want to stand out during the exhibition, then you must think of creative ways to represent your individuality. It is recommended to incorporate cutting edge technology in your booth to get a high return on investment.

Here, in this article, we are going to outline various audiovisual technology gadgets that you must incorporate in your trade booth.

1. Interactive Video Screens

You should also display an interactive screen along with the alluring graphic display. The large size interactive screen lets you efficiently utilize your booth space. The interactive screen lets your booth visitors easily search what they are looking for. It will help to create an immersive experience for booth visitors.

In addition to this, the interactive video screen conveys the right information about your product and services to your potential customers. A large wall of the screen that displays your product/service information is highly interactive. To add interactive video screens in your booth, you can take the help of a renowned exhibition stand contractor who offers audiovisual services.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

You must leverage this new technology- Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality integrated the real world with a computer screen. You will get a live view of computer-generated images. It is really mesmerizing and attention-grabbing.

This technology allows you to communicate enormous information in an effective manner. The AR technology gadgets bring fun in your booth and make it more engaging. AR can keep your booth visitors engaged for a long time. This technology can easily convert potential customers into the lead.

3. Touch Screen Gadgets

These gadgets help in attracting targeted customers to your booth and engage them for a long time. You can simply add an iPad or tablet in your exhibition stand to display different products. The touch screen gadgets provide easy access to your product images, brand video, etc at just click of a button.

The touch screen is perfect to collect the contact details of your booth visitors, receiving feedbacks and displaying your products/services. Moreover, these gadgets do not require huge space. They are efficient and help to do enormous tasks without any problem.

It is also possible to lock down your business website with the touch screen device. It will let the booth visitors navigate your website and collect more information about your brand. Thus, you can spread brand awareness by using touch screen gadgets. The exhibition graphic design and touch screen gadgets can convey your brand messages easily.

4. Interact With Social Media

The trade show events provide you an opportunity to have face to face meetings with your potential customers. If there are some people who fail to attend the trade show can interact with the help of social media. If you want to build long-lasting relationships with your potential customers, then leverage social media. You should ensure the valuable presence of your trade booth on social media to interact with your customers that are outside the venue.

5. Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

You can take your booth visitors on a journey of an immersive experience with the help of virtual reality gadgets. Take your audience on a fully immersive experience by incorporating virtual reality at your trade show booth. But, make sure the virtual reality content should not be complex in order to provide a smooth experience to booth visitors.

You need to display content and it can be the 360-degree tour to your building. The virtual reality is one of the unique ideas to attract more customers at your booth. To incorporate VR technology in your booth, search for renowned audiovisual services for exhibitions.

6. Interactive Games In Your Booth

You can add fun to your booth by adding interactive games. This will make your trade boot attendees feel excited. Moreover, interactive games can help in engaging booth visitors for a long time. There are different ways to add interactive games such as gaming apps, social media contests, etc.

You can also incorporate the iPad Jeopardy Wall. In this game, a big jeopardy wall is constructed by using iPads. You have to customize the iPads with questions and answers related to your business. Booth visitors can easily interact with the walls and win attractive prizes. Games help to create a buzz and stand out among competitors.


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