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7 Tried and Tested Tips to Recognise Competent Electricians Easily

Electrical works involve a lot of risks and complications with them all the time. You should hire a good electrician who knows how to perform the job responsibly even during emergencies.

Electricity is always potentially hazardous. Therefore, you should never go DIY for any job related to it. Electrical jobs demand high-scale knowledge and skillsets. Professional electricians possess the necessary expertise required in electrical jobs. But hiring a competent and reliable electrician is never as easy in London as hiring their incompetent counterparts.

Let us explore some tips in the following paragraphs to make your task of finding skilled and qualified electricians in London easier.

Ask for recommendations

Ask your friends, colleagues and family members to recommend reliable electricians. In fact, real estate builders, contractors, and developers are always a better bet to provide you with contact details of technically efficient electricians. If you know anyone in any of those professions, better request him first.

Scope of expertise

Electricians specialize in a single field although most of them also specialize in multiple fields. Some electricians are competent in handling new construction projects, while others possess expertise in commercial buildings or attending service calls. It is important that your hired electrician must possess the necessary expertise and experience in handling the kind of job that you have in hand.


An electrician’s license is his or her best testimony of the necessary qualifications and skillsets the individual possesses. You should ask your prospective electrician to give you a copy of the license so that you can verify that with the regulatory authority.

Liability insurance

Highly skilled and experienced electricians invariably carry liability insurance. By virtue of this insurance, you are protected in case of any accidental damage in your home. Make sure the liability insurance of your prospective electrician is still valid and has not become outdated.

Get references

Ask a prospective electrician to give you his or her references. Once you get that, contact those individuals and ask about their opinion regarding the service and skillsets of the electrician in question. If your prospective electrician has satisfied clients previously, chances are high that the professional will also provide you with a satisfactory level of service.

More online research

The virtual web is your best guide to conducting more research on your shortlisted electrician. Look for whether complaints were raised against the professional. Reliable electricians usually have a clean slate and do not have complaints against them.

Rely on your vibes

Identifying a reliable electrician is more than just evaluating his professional license, knowing how many years he is involved in the trade or gauging the satisfaction level of his past or existing clients. Apart from skill sets and experiences, it is also vital to hire someone, who’s honest and trustworthy. Rely on your vibes while having a face to face interaction with a prospective electrician during the interview phase.

Electric Works London is a reliable place to get skilled, qualified and licensed electricians to smoothly handle every kind of electrical job. Please feel free to contact us to hire recommended electricians in London. Our registered office is at Elgin Avenue and we also provide 24/7 emergency service.



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