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Best Superheroes who predicted the future in movies

The future is always changing sometimes it changes for the better and other times well it just gets plain worse from time to time. There have been heroes who have predicted the future some of them use powers and some of them were just smart enough to predict it using the tools they had access to either way being able to predict the future is both a blessing and a curse.

10 Jor-El

The father of kell aka superman Derrell is one of the most important characters in dc mythology not only did Jor-El send his son to earth where he became one of the greatest superheroes of all time. But he was also the one that predicted the end of krypton. He knew it was going to perish but no one really listened to him and well. We all know how that turned out boom but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Derrell was able to figure it out and because of that he and his wife Laura were able to save their son.

9 Tony Stark

The MCU version while technically he didn’t predict it himself he was able to take the information that was given to him. Which you know was a little vague and figure out what was happening during the events of Avengers age of Ultron. While under the influence of scarlet witch’s spell tony sees a very eerie future where the avengers are all dead. Now, this sets him down a path of trying to prevent it at all costs in Avengers end game he mentioned. The future to Steve and the team saying he knew that they would lose and you know of course they did and lots of people did die. But luckily that’s not how it ended they end up coming back and fixing almost everything and tony gives up his life to make sure that it happens.

8 Dr. Manhattan

So this one is very interesting Dr. Manhattan is kind of his own thing he’s not good he’s not bad he’s just you know himself and basically he knows everything past present future but he doesn’t prevent it. Because to him it’s already happening and I know that’s confusing but let me try to explain for example in the watchman graphic novel. He knew the president would be shot so when it showed up in the paper he wasn’t surprised when asked why he didn’t prevent it. He said I can’t prevent the future to me it’s already happening Dr. Manhattan experiences his past present and future all at once. So that’s why he can’t really do anything about it.

7 Madame Web

The mysterious Madame Web over the years she has shown countless times how she has seen all possible outcomes of any given future. Usually always regarding the spider people of the marvel universe which she refers to as the web of life which is every outcome for any given choice. A hero should potentially make the second Madame Web Julia even managed to convince peter parker not to kill the craven hunter. She knew it would send him down a path that you know he could never come back from because she had already seen that path and it wasn’t very pretty.

6 The Ancient One

During the events of the 2016 film doctor strange and the 2019 film Avengers end game, the ancient one used the time stone to accurately predict. The future the first when she knew how she would eventually die she had seen it and she knew it would happen. The second was when she knew Dr. strange would become the best sorcerer of all time. She mentions that to bruce banner and it’s why she ends up giving him the time stone. Because she knew strange wouldn’t have just given it away for no reason like he wouldn’t do that. This leads to when Steven strange first shows up the reason she was being so hard on him like by pushing him to his limits to even kicking him out for a brief time. It was because she knew what he would become and how crucial he was for the future of the entire marvel universe.

5 Ulysses Cane

He has the ability to predict the future and was a crucial factor in the second civil war in the marvel universe. Basically, it was because one side believed that they should use this ability to stop criminals before they could even commit their crimes. The other side believed that you know that was wrong and that brought us to civil war II. Now during this event he has trouble controlling his powers but predicts multiple futures. One where he foretold of a celestial being destroying the earth and the other where he had a vision of Thanos attacking. a project Pegasus facility to steal the cosmic cube both of which were stopped but they would have come true if he didn’t step in and say anything.

4 Norman Mccay

Norman comes from one of the greatest else world stories ever written kingdom come to Norman a pastor who ends up inheriting the ability of his friend Wesley Dodd’s. The former sandman while Wesley was in the hospital he kept going on about these visions he was having of an apocalyptic future you know. Norman believed he was just seeing things and that it wasn’t real but when Norman ended up inheriting the abilities of the sandman. He now sees this apocalyptic prophecy of the future that Wesley wouldn’t stop going on about he’s later contacted by the specter who explains that he must help prevent the future. Also if you haven’t read this comment guys do yourself a favor and read it is absolutely phenomenal.

3 The Monitor

The Monitor also is known as mar nouveau the monitor hails from dc and has predicted the future both in comics and during his live-action appearances. He’s most known for his role during the crisis on infinite earth in the comics but more recently the aero verse crossover. He knew the crisis was coming and decided to start preparing different piles of earth in the multiverse by testing its heroes. He did this by using the book of destiny it was pretty extreme since he essentially destroyed earth 90 that’s the home of the flash from the 90s TV show. But he was doing what he thought was right and at the end of the day the heroes did end up coming together to stop the Annie monitor.

2 The Spectre

Now the Spectre who I mentioned earlier has been a title for multiple people throughout the years the specter is one of the most powerful beings in the entire dc universe. He is basically the embodiment of god’s vengeance he needs a human host though to operate on earth and he has had multiple hosts throughout the years. The most famous being Jim Corrigan now the specter has seen multiple futures he can always intervene though. You can watchonlinemovies on MovieHustle in good quality. But one of the more recent ones was actually during a live-action appearance of his during the aeroverse crossover crisis on infinite earth. Jim Corrigan showed up and bestowed his power to Oliver queen saying that Oliver would be the one to save the entire universe Oliver then took the power and went on. And yes he did end up saving the universe by using his powers to jumpstart. A brand new multiverse which by doing so ended up killing him though the specter is a very powerful being I am willing to bet that even though Oliver is gone the powers will live on in a new host or who knows maybe Oliver will come back as the specter.

1 Dr. Strange

The MCU version during the events of avengers infinity war Dr. Steven strange used the time stone to accurately predict the future. He did see over 14 million possible futures but he saw the one where they would win and it ended up happening. He knew that the avengers would eventually come back together go back in time to the precious moments in their past. Get the stones and make their own gauntlet and bring everyone back. Also, he knew that an amazing final battle was coming up with every hero from the MCU teaming up to take on Thanos and his army. Which come on that is probably the coolest scene in comic book movie history.

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