Difference Between Bajaj Avenger Street 220 Vs Bajaj Avenger Cruise

Bajaj Avenger has been one of the most consistent bikes available on the Indian market. Through the years it has helped its manufacturer seal the spot as the king of the Indian cruizer segment. When it comes to either the Bajaj Avenger Street  220  or the Cruize, there is a keen sense of freedom when cruising over the open roads.

But the question arises if given a choice to pick between the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 or the Bajaj Avenger Street 220, which one would suit you the best? Although we could delve right into the technical details of each bike, let us take a step back and first appreciate what Bajaj is successfully doing in the cruiser bike segment.

The design gives both bikes a unique identity:

Although the unique skeleton of the Avenger bike series has been preserved, it is noted that Bajaj has worked tremendously hard at ensuring that each bike has some easily identifiable unique characteristics. The Street 220 comes with a comforting all-around matte black finish whereas certain parts of the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 are brushed in chrome.

They both handle very well on smooth roads:

Since both bikes sport nearly an identical suspension not much can be done to separate them when it comes to on-road handling. Both the Avengers have telescopic forks up front and twin shocks at the back. What this setup means, however, is that the handling of the bikes does get messy on bumpy roads. The discomfort is amplified due to the longer wheelbase and short height. The seats for the primary driver are very well cushioned, however, not a lot of thought has been put in for the pillion rider.

Bajaj has stuck with the same engine for both bikes:

Sometimes when things are right, there is no need to change them. This has been the case for both the Avenger and Cruize’s 220cc single-cylinder motor. Newer versions of the bike have ensured that an already sufficiently punchy and responsive engine has been refined. Both bikes are a well-tuned highway cruiser ensuring that you can comfortably attain triple-digit speeds and stay there. However, if you push the bike to its limits, then vibrations will be felt on the tank.

The Overall Ride Experience:

If you were given a series of bends to maneuver on both the Bajaj Avenger Street 220 and the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220, there would be a few differences that are evident from the start. Both bikes have two completely different styles of handlebars. The short and wide handlebars on the street make it easier to handle on twisty roads or for city use. Since the cruise 220 comes with higher handlebars, this makes it harder to make sudden turns as well as guiding through tight highway bends.

The matte finish of Street 220 has been said to look far more appealing than the chrome-plated finish of the Cruizer 220.

The Price and Final Verdict

Bajaj has launched both these cruisers at a beautiful price of Rs 84,000. This makes them both the cheapest cruizers in the market with the exception of the smaller Avenger 150 cc. In a segment where there is immense competition for value, Bajaj is doing a fantastic job of offering customers a low-end product that can mimic the quality of an expensive cruiser.

Since there are no other manufacturers who offer a cruiser at the same price point, Bajaj is put in a very intriguing place as well. The Bajaj Avenger Street 220 is more focused on an urban market than the Cruise 220. Depending on your uses and purposes, both bikes can fit your bike criteria perfectly.


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