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Saving money is the key to improving the economic stability of individuals, besides making their future financially secure. However, with most people facing the burden of repaying their debts, the challenge of saving enough for their future can further add to their stress. It is quite common for people facing such situations to put their savings on hold till the time they have paid off their debts. While this option might be feasible for people repaying short term loans, it might jeopardize the long term financial stability of individuals with long term loans. Making the right choice between saving for the future and paying off debts can thus prove to be an extremely difficult decision to make.

Making The Right Choice

In most cases, both debt repayment and saving for the future are long term responsibilities that require people to follow a disciplined routine.  The good news is that people do not necessarily need to make a choice between these options. Rather it is all about finding the right balance between the two through careful planning and efficient management of funds. In fact, most financial experts are of the opinion that it is important for people to save money even while paying off their debts as it ensures the simultaneous growth of their money and improves their financial stability quite significantly. This is especially true in the case of people who are committed to paying off their debts for a couple of decades or more. 

Finding The Balance

There is no secret formula for saving while paying off debts, which people can adopt to resolve their financial woes. Rather finding the balance depends on various factors that help to determine the exact financial condition of an individual. These include the overall income of the individuals as well as their existing debt levels and funds they already have in the savings and investments. Analyzing these various factors carefully makes it easier for people to identify opportunities that can help them save money without impacting their repayment schedules. Some effective strategies that can prove beneficial in this context are discussed as follows. 

Adopt A Frugal Lifestyle 

Most people fail to contribute to their savings while paying off their debts because they tend to continue with their wasteful spending habits. A careful analysis of their expenses is likely to make people aware of the expenses they can do without. It provides them with the necessary information to lead a frugal lifestyle without compromising their comfort level or leading a deprived life. Being frugal is more about making conscious spending decisions and focusing more on their needs rather than their wants and desires. Practising such economic restrain can actually help individuals gain access to a decent sum of money that they can invest in their savings. Most importantly it will provide them respite from the constant stress of maintaining an expensive lifestyle simply to please others. 

Consider The Option Of Debt Consolidation

People trying to pay off multiple debts, including instant cash loans, without ignoring their saving goals, can consider the option of debt consolidation. This essentially means combining the different loans into a single loan and focusing on paying off the same. The way this works is by the individuals availing a personal loan that covers the pending payments of all their existing debts along with the interest calculated for the same. This option proves beneficial by minimizing the financial stress of the debtors by reducing the overall interest amount they are liable to pay every month. They can then use the funds thus saved to add to their savings without defaulting on their loan repayment.

Use Digital Payment Options

People are mostly ignorant about the fact that they give away a considerable amount of money on a daily basis due to opting to pay a rounded off amount rather than the exact amount. They are often of the opinion that a small loose change will make no difference to their savings and hence do not pay much attention to the fact that they give it up too easily and too often. However, it is this small change that can accumulate up to a large amount over a period of several weeks and months. While haggling for this small change with vendors and service providers might seem embarrassing, a better choice is to use digital payment options. These options make it easier for the users to pay the exact amount for any purchase or service and any loose change leftover can be added to the savings fund.

Set Realistic Saving Objectives 

Another major reason that causes people to struggle with their savings while paying their debts is their unrealistic saving objectives. Most people establish these objectives without accessing their current overall financial responsibilities and assets. They simply choose to set aside a specific amount of money every month and then try to adjust their other expenses accordingly. However, this strategy often fails to work as it is not based on the various practical aspects of their everyday living.  That is why it is important for people to establish realistic saving goals through proper budgeting and after careful consideration of their current and future financial needs.

Automate Recurring Payments

Automating the recurring payments such as utility bills, grocery bills, and tuition fees of the kids, etc, can also help people enhance their savings. In addition to helping people save time and effort in paying these bills, it also helps them with the efficient management of their funds. Since most such payments are made within the first week of each month, people gain a clearer understanding of the funds. They are thus able to plan their expenses and savings in a better manner. Handling hard cash often tempts people to indulge in unnecessary expenses and minimizes their chances of saving even a small amount, which can be easily avoided through automated payments.

 Most people believe that saving while repaying their debts does not make much financial sense. However, doing so can help them build their savings besides ensuring their peace of mind. It helps them ensure their future financial safety besides helping them to stay prepared to face any financial emergency. 


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