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Hosting other streamers on Twitch – a mini-guide

Hosting is a good way for Twitch streamers in broadcasting the live stream of another channel to their own respective audience(s).

It is usually done to help promote other Twitch users and also works as an effective strategy to keep a channel active when a channel owner is not broadcasting their own content.

How can Twitch channel owners host another streamer?

How to host someone on Twitch? This is a question a twitch channel owner can answer by hosting other streamers through chat, through the Twitch app, and through auto-host mode.

1. Hosting through chat

In order to start hosting another channel, Twitch channels owners can simply type the command ‘/host’ into their own channel’s chat followed by the target channel’s username. For instance, someone wishing to host the official PAX Twitch channel, they must enter the command ‘/host pax.’

The hosted channel can be changed up to three times every half hour. If users wish to turn off hosting, they must type the command ‘/unhost.’

2. Hosting through the Twitch App

Hosting can also be activated through the iOS and Android apps for Twitch. Such is done when users tap the gear icon to turn on the selected channel and then select the hosting option from the drop-down menu.

3. Hosting through the auto-host mode

Another one of the most common ways Twitch users can host a channel is through the auto-host mode.

This is done by users adding an array of channels to a list that their channel will automatically select from when the users go offline.

The auto-host mode can choose channels on the list either in a random fashion or through their order (which is easily customized). Setting up auto-host mode is not hard.

Users can go to their Twitch Channel Settings, turn on the auto-host mode and then add as many Twitch channels as they prefer.

The benefits of hosting another channel

Hosting another user’s stream is optional to a great extent. There are also no requirements for hosting when it comes to being an active member of the Twitch community.

The following are the reasons why hosting on Twitch is a good idea.


Apart from showing the audience the kind of streamers they enjoy; hosting offers promotional opportunities for a Twitch user’s channel.

How much promotional value they can receive depends completely on the layout of the target channel, whether it displays the name of hosts on the screen and if the streamer verbally mentions the hosts.

The names of the hosts will always appear in a special message along with the chat of the target channels.

Being a host for another channel will also keep the account displayed in a prominent manner within the category of live hosts on Twitch (both the site and app allow this).

This can thus lead to new users discovering the account of the Twitch user and potentially following them.

Turning off the stream

Hosting another channel on Twitch is another good way of ending a stream. Most Twitch streamers manually start hosting someone else as soon as they end their broadcast.

This then encourages their followers to jump over to the channel that is being hosted. This is colloquially known as ‘raiding’ and is a very common practice on Twitch.


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