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How to do Quality Tile Stripping in Less Time

Are you, like many others, looking to revamp the entire look of your place? Or are you seeking some immediate and timely service that gets rid of the stains that seem to have developed a permanent residence on your tiles? If yes, then you are in the right place!

Tile Stripping services offered by Professionals guaranty prompt and efficient services. It is a common experience that tiles and grout are susceptible to dirt accumulation which leads to long term, drastic adverse effects.

Being composed of a porous material, tiles and the grout present in between providing ideal sites for debris and microorganisms to hide away from the human eye and pile up. The piling up of these contaminants only comes to notice when the situation has gotten well out of hand. We know that to keep up with the hygiene and cleanliness of a place and specifically tiles are the first priority of tile owners. However, even everyday mopping and scrubbing cannot prevent the accumulation that takes place with the passage of time.


The situation, of course, is overwhelming and may seem untreatable. Most people resort to adopting measures as drastic as substituting the existing tiles with completely new tiles. We, however, assure you that going that far is not necessary. The breakdown and deterioration in your tiles can still be prevented if you know what to do and more importantly, who to ask for help.

Professionals all-inclusive tile stripping services revolve around an extensive and step by step method of restoring the original look of your tiles. Tile stripping is somewhat similar to tile sealing given that it involves sealing the tiles at the end of the process.

Since striping tiles is a process that involves dust and debris formation, our team of experts also cleans up after the task is complete. The procedure is initiated by stripping off the already present layer of sealer from the tiles. Since this step has the probability of causing damage to neighboring tiles due to the use of special equipment, therefore we choose to divide the targeted area into sections and work on them systematically. The stripping process removes the entire layer of dirt from the tile surface and reveals the original, clean tiles below. However, this is not where the process ends; rather this stage is just the intermission. To keep up with the newly emerged spotlessness of tiles, special measures need to be adopted. This includes the process of sealing tiles.

A layer of a suitable sealer, decided according to the type of your tiles, is applied thoroughly on the surface of both tile and grout. This forms a stain-resistant, defensive coat against future contaminants which withholds the purity of your tiles for a long time and makes their cleaning up easy.


By the description of it, the process seems like a very long one. However, we assure you that we spend less time stripping and more time ensuring the provision of quality service.

We realize the accuracy of the phrase, “Time is money.” In the current day modernized world where there is only room for quick people and quick services, we understand the importance of saving time and providing prompt services. Making your time and money investment worthwhile is at the top of our list which is why we spend less time stripping tiles. We know how jam-packed one’s routine can be these days, and we do not wish to take up so much of your time that we prove a hindrance to your routine affairs.

Stripping tiles is clearly not an easy affair and requires the aid of an expert. At GroutExpert, our professionals’ area of expertise lies in stripping tiles and providing prompt and customer friendly services. Therefore, if you are looking for quality services that involve spending less time stripping, you should call Professionals right away!


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