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Importance of Umrah in Islam

Performing Umrah is just like performing Hajj (more like a mini Hajj). It is very important in Islam. Umrah can be performed throughout the whole year except during the days of Hajj. Performing Umrah has great rewards in Islam just like Hajj. It is a journey that brings Muslims closer to their creator and themselves. It is a journey of spiritual enlightenment and purity. It can change a person’s life for the better.

Performing Umrah is not a compulsory act. It is a Sunnah of our Beloved Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. He performed Umrah twice in his life and Hajj only once in life to show that Hajj is necessary to be performed once in every Muslim’s life. Umrah is a very rewarding and vital aspect of Islam, it might not be necessary but it holds a lot of value for all the Muslims as well as for Islam. So, to enlighten you on what makes Umrah important in Islam we are writing this blog.

  1. Umrah is rewarding: Islam is a religion of rewards. You can perform the smallest unit of good deed and Allah Almighty who is Ghafoor and Rahim will grant you million Sawab for it. Even if you just decide to do something good but later are unable to do it, you will still be rewarded for having a good intention. Similarly, any Muslim who takes this journey with or without the 5 stars Umrah packages will be rewarded with uncountable blessings. But, to earn all the blessing you should be true to your heart and not perform Umrah just to show off. Performing Umrah can be an inspiration for a lifetime that you have good inside you and that your creator is constantly watching you. This will make you a better Muslim and lead you towards limitless blessing and approval of Allah Almighty.
  2. Worldly benefits of Umrah: apart from the fact that performing Umrah or Hajj will make your Akhirat beautiful. But, you will also be blessed in this world by Allah. When you travel for Allah and spend in the way of Allah Almighty then He will reward you for it in this world and the next world. A great worldly benefit of performing Umrah is that Allah will save you from any misery, mishap, poverty or problems. It is also proved by a Hadis which was narrated by ibn-e-Masood that the last Prophet of Allah said: Hajj and Umrah can remove poverty and sins like fire separates impurities from silver, iron or gold (rephrased). So, not only is Umrah a great journey for your afterlife but also for your current life on Earth.
  3. Performing Umrah in Ramadan: as we all know that Ramadan is already a month of Sawab and rewards from Allah. It is the best month to obtain the most rewards from anything and everything. Both Umrah and Ramadan are a great way to get rid of all your sins and get maximum blessings of Allah. So, consider this: what will be the level of rewards and blessings if you perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan (because you can’t perform Hajj in any other month except Zul-Hajj). The reward of performing Umrah during the month of Ramadan is equal to performing Hajj and also equal to performing Hajj with the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW himself. It is highly advised that you choose 5 stars Umrah packages 2020 Lahore before Ramadan and perform Umrah in this highly rewarding month.

Performing Hajj or Umrah is no less than a Jihad (Jihad is the first good deed and performing Hajj and Umrah comes second). It can be very difficult to perform Hajj physically but this is what makes both these journeys so rewarding. Allah Almighty loves that his people can put themselves in physical toil just to make Him happy. Once Allah is happy with you, your life here in this world and your life after death will both be made beautiful by the blessing and rewards of Almighty Allah.


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