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Important Lessons We Learnt from a Relationship

Lesson from a relationship

Relationships with a partner can be the most wonderful part of our life with all the sweet memories shared with someone we become attached and so close with. However, at the same time, it can also be the most complicated element in our life. Before we get involved in a relationship, we should understand what we are really getting ourselves into and be prepared.

This is just like reading a user manual to understand the function of a device we just bought. If we do not read the user manual and do not understand what the real function of the device is itself, we will only waste the real function of the device and end up we can’t use it correctly. We should not enter a relationship if we do not actually understand the basis of entering a relationship. Here is for instance: You can use your slim edge of your iPad to cut the meat in your kitchen. It may work but, is that the right way to use the iPad? Read the user manual before using it. The same goes for how we human should see in human relationships. Hence, we have listed down 3 important life hacks point that will make your relationship healthier.

Relationships are a Variable, not absolute

Change is a universal thing. Time never stops, so like our lives, it heals every wound in our hearts. We humans can get over things and change. Remember when your parents bought you your dream toy when you were 8? The toys you had when you were 8 years old are now left on the shelves in your living room or maybe mum had given them away. We unconsciously changed and evolved in line with our personal goals and interests.

Same goes to our love life, if we see our relationship as a variable which may one day fade away or if we are lucky the change in us is in line with our partner’s goal and interest you both just got stronger together.

We can only hold an absolute relationship with the dead or God. We can forget not talking to them for days but still, we can talk to them after a while, they will not get angry unlike if we do that to our partners. The status of the relationship might change.

Relationships should be a Synergy and not an Extraction

This is very important to understand when two souls can be together and make each other a better individual and producing synergies in their lives instead of being together just for personal benefits.

You claim that you love somebody but if they do not fulfill your needs, you stop loving them. This is not loved but this should be called a mutual benefit. For most people, love means, “You must do what I want”. No, love means, they can do what they want, and we still love them. 

Relationships are healthier with Self-Motivation

We humans should be happy with ourselves before letting someone else entering our lives, happiness should come from within. As quoted from GianFeeds, a healthy relationship is one that makes the other a better person during hard times. If we can be independently happy, we can comfort our partner with the positive vibes and influence a stable emotional balance in the relationship. It is not easy to self-motivate, but it is going to be a good habit to cultivate our daily lives. Remember this, be happy yourself and share the happiness with your partner to spread this wonderful synergy. Love is not what you do, it is what you are. 


Lastly, do not try to fix whatever comes in your life. Fix yourself in such a way that whatever comes, you will be fine. A relationship is an opportunity to achieve a union that will open to greater possibility. A healthy relationship creates an ambiance and situation whereas both feel happy with no burden. Both partners should be able to support each other and know exactly how to keep their boundaries to other people.

However, still, you need to understand the basics of relationships before you start one. Remember that understanding the basic relationship is as important as understanding the manual book before using a new tool.


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