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Never Buy Curtain Rods Again: 5 Inspiring Craft Ideas You Can Do Yourself

It’s quite acceptable to pay a hundred thousand dollars for a limited-edition sports car. I think satisfying your cravings for something sporty and stylish and feeling like the coolest person alive when you drive it is a recreation that should cost you a major thing. But sometimes, I wonder why there are many things in the world that do cost more than they should — faux fur rugs, makeup brushes, underwear, and even curtains, to name a few. 

Seriously? How much fabric did it really cost you to make a small piece of underwear? The same goes for curtains that are basically made of the same thing, fabric. And if you think you’re only spending too much on curtains, think about the curtain rods too. 

The price of a standard curtain rod with glass finials can range from forty-nine to a hundred and forty-four AUD. Imagine if you have 10 windows at home and you’ll be needing five sets of curtain rods or more. That, for sure, will add up to the price that costs you an arm and a leg just to dress up your windows. And because they cost more than they should in general, curtain rods are a good candidate for DIYs.

So, today I’ll give you some gigantic, inspirational ideas that you can do on your own. Hence, when it’s time to treat your windows, it will not cost you that much.  

DIY Branch Curtain Rod for a Rustic Home

If you find a solid branch with an artistic touch from your garden, pick that thing up because that’s exactly what you need. Just make sure to pick something that matches the measurement of your window frames. Once you’ve found the right branches, wash them up and blow them dry to sand down. You can coat them with paint or simply varnish to make it look more natural and shiny. Mount curtain rod holders to hang them on. 

Repurposing Broken Door Knobs into Stylish Curtain Rods

Instead of throwing away the broken door knobs you have at home, try repurposing these broken pieces into stylish curtain rods. Find old doorknobs with similar classic designs and mount them on the wall in a modish row to serve as a rod that hangs up the curtains by ties or hooks.    

Another Rustic Creation with Rope Curtain Rods

A single rope suspended between two support brackets can make a simple yet stylish alternative to a curtain rod — perfect if you want to incorporate the rustic theme of your home.  

Wooden Dowels + Ping Pong Balls = Classic Masterpiece

There is great teamwork between wooden dowels and ping pong balls that can make a classic brass rod. Unlike PVC, wooden rugs do not sag in the middle without a support bracket. You can find a piece of wooden dowel at any craft store for less than $2 each. Spraypaint the wooden dowel as well as the ping pong ball to achieve an antiquing effect. Use strong wood glue to attach the balls to the dowel’s both ends. Behold, the improvised antique brass rod that will spice up your country chic room. 

Unused Conduits for Spontaneous Bay Windows

Bay windows, although beautiful, can be a problem when it comes to window treatments. But we got a solution to that. Gather all the unused conduits and plastic tubings at home. Cut the conduits according to the measurement of a single window, leaving 3 and a half inches room for the joints. Stuff some plastic tubing in the joints to connect the rods so that it will give you one continuous rod for your bay windows. Just make sure the joints are strongly attached to each of the conduits ends to avoid falling between the cracks.     


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