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Nightlife of Dubai – An Ultimate Experience for First Timers

Tall buildings, clear waters, thrilling architecture, and magnificent sand dunes, Dubai has got all you have ever imagined. And that is why the place always remains on the top of every traveler’s bucket list. But wait, did we count on everything? Oh, and how have we missed on the Night Life this place has?

Let us tell you that Dubai has the most thriving, thrilling, adventurous, glamorous and vibrant nightlife in the whole wide world.

Majorly famous for its architecture, Dubai has so much to offer to its guests at night too. A safe and secure yet wild and exotic nightlife awaits your presence in the form of some of the most famous night clubs of the city. The weekend arrives early at the emirates as the world’s famous DJs make you groove from Thursday nights and light up your weekend like nobody else.

Let us take you down to a list of these happening places to visit in Dubai where you will feel nothing less than a celebrity.

Dubai Marina

This place has everything to offer. A long stretch alongside an artificial canal, the place can host couples for a romantic walk and date at restaurants, has a jogging and cycling tracks for the health enthusiasts, a yacht ride for the adventurers and tourists, along with the most scenic views of Dubai’s architecture. The place remains open from 9 PM to 9 AM and costs AED 600.

Madinet Jumeirah

As fancy as it sounds, this place is to channel the inner celeb inside you! The place has streets inside the complex and gets really crowded near the weekend. The place is also known as “Madinat Souk” as it has the traditional feels associated with it. The complex provides such an aesthetical view once you walk out of it. The Burj-Al-Arab stands tall in front amidst an array of restaurants and cafes. The place remains open 24 hours and costs anywhere between AED 180 – AED 3000.


Dubai has many world records in its name and At.mosphere is one of them. It holds the record of the world’s highest situated restaurant in Guinness book of world records. Located in the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the restaurant is equipped with sumptuous interiors and world-class cuisine. You can witness the most gorgeous sunset from the premises of the At.mosphere.

Stereo Arcade

Lights, clubbing and action. One of the most famous clubs in the town attracts the party-loving people with its vibrant neon lights and trippy paintings. Blurry lights with hip-hop make a great combination for people who love to dance the night out.

Desert safari

Dubai can make your dream of living an Arabian night come true. As we told you before, there is nothing in the world that this place lacks. A desert Safari under the stars, how beautiful does this sound. Well, you can experience this in Dubai along with some bonfire and camping fun around. The food, the dancers, and the safari go on till 9 in the morning and you can experience your best nightlife ever.

We have listed the best of Dubai’s nightlife ventures. Get ready to explore the nightlife places in Dubai. Pickyourtrail is there to help you with further details of all the Dubai honeymoon packages we offer.


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