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Olive Wood Kitchenware: The Top Maintenance Tips

People commonly go for steel, glass, ceramic, and/or wood products when it comes to kitchenware. A type of wood that is making waves in modern kitchens around the world is olive wood. Olive wood kitchenware looks exotic and quite frankly, exquisite. However, olive wood kitchenware is quite expensive, owing to the scarcity of olive wood compared to the ever-increasing demand.

If you have already purchased an olive wood chopping board or any other olive wood kitchenware, then you should care for it as much as possible. Maintaining olive wood kitchenware is vital to ensure that such expensive products retain their beauty for a long time. So, without further ado, here are some maintenance tips that you should keep in mind for extending the lifespan of your olive wood kitchenware.

1: Neutralize to Eliminate Strong Aromas

Veggies like garlic and onion have incredibly strong aromas. If you store them in an olive wood bowl or chop of a lot of them on a chopping board, some of their strong aromas will remain in your olive wood kitchenware. If you don’t do enough to remove these aromas, they may linger on and spoil whatever cooking plans you concoct in the future.
Neutralizing your olive wood kitchenware is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Make a paste using water and baking soda/Get some lemon juice
  • Rub the kitchenware thoroughly using the paste/juice
  • Wash it thoroughly and the aromas should be gone for good

2: Oil to Make Your Olive Wood Kitchenware Last Long

Over time, the appearance of your olive wood kitchenware may change, which is not something that you would want. As most buyers of olive wood kitchenware buy them primarily because of their appearances, they should be oiled regularly so that they maintain the original appearance for as long as possible.
You can use either mineral oil or olive oil for this purpose. Oil the utensils thoroughly and let the oil sit by letting the utensils be for at least a couple of hours. After two hours have passed, you can proceed to wash off the oil.

3: Sanitize to Eat Healthily

Your olive wood chopping board has to be sanitized as not sanitizing it can result in bacteria formation on its surface. This bacteria can quite easily make its way into your food and then into your stomach, causing all sorts of stomach problems in the process.

To sanitize your olive wood kitchenware, you simply need to immerse them in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide after you wash them thoroughly. After 10 – 15 minutes, you need to wash them thoroughly again. This will remove all bacteria from the surface of the kitchenware.

If you give your olive wood kitchenware the love and care they deserve, you can expect them to last you a lifetime.


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