Points Helps You to Choose Your MBBS Destination

  1. Economical Medical Education

Whenever there is a dream to study abroad of any student, their folks tend to think that education would be expensive however there are many countries that are providing economical medical education to the students and Georgia is one of them.

  1. Most Sought Destinations for MBBS

In the last decade, Georgia has become one of the most sought after destinations for Indian students to study MBBS in Georgia.

  1. High-Quality Education and Affordable Cost

Georgia is amongst the countries with the medical schools which are ranked amongst the world’s top medical schools providing not just quality education but also doing that at an affordable cost.

  1. Recognized by WHO and MCI

There are several benefits for Indian students who want to study abroad as the country has some of the most advanced and economical medical universities which are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI).

  1. Excellent Choice for Indian Students

For those students who have a limited budget for their medical education abroad with a high-quality education, Georgia could be an excellent choice.

  1. Extremely Experienced Teachers

The universities of Georgia have well-known teachers who are extremely experienced in providing quality education to the students and producing satisfactory results.

  1. Medical Experts

There are a number of medical experts who have graduated from the universities of the country and are presently working in different countries across the world.

  1. Top Medical Institutions in the World

The medical education institutions of Georgia are considered amongst the top medical institutions in the world and because of that the students always consider the universities of Georgia a top priority for their medical education.

  1. Economical Fee Structure

Georgia not only offers an economical fee structure for tuition fees but also the accommodation charges of the universities are also very economical and pocket friendly for the students.

  1. No Donation or Capitation Fees Charged for Admission

The universities and medical colleges of India take a heavy donation and capitation fees however the medical schools of Georgia don’t charge any donation or capitation fees for admission.

  1. Risk – Free and Crime – Free Country

The country is known for its risk-free and crime-free life as the majority of the citizens of the country are literate and because of that the chances of them committing to the life of crime are very low.

  1. Safest Countries in the World

Also, the country is ranked amongst the safest countries in the world which automatically states the high safety and security for anyone coming and living in Georgia which the first thing to take into consideration while choosing a country to study MBBS in abroad.

  1. Maintained Student-Teacher Ratio

The student-teacher ratio is maintained at a very healthy rate in the universities to focus on the individual development of the students and because of that, the students can ask any questions or queries without any hesitation from the professors and get a timely response in return.

  1. English Speaking Country

Georgia is an English speaking country which is good for international students who are looking to study in the country as they would not have to face any kind of language barrier in the country and also would not have to learn any new language.

  1. Opportunity to Learn Georgian Language

Most of the countries which are providing education to students teach the students their local language along with the MBBS course which can be a complicated thing for the students.

  1. Pollution is Very Low

The weather conditions of Georgia are very soothing to the students and the country has very low pollution.


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