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Reducing the spread of Coronavirus by industrial cleaning services

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There are numerous viruses, bacteria, and germs in the world. Many of them have low to moderate effects on human health, but others have acute and long-lasting consequences. One of these is the Coronavirus that has taken the world by surprise. Organizations around the world are doing their best to curtail the spread. The one way to do is by keeping the homes and especially workplaces clean by hiring deep house cleaning services.

Understanding Coronavirus

Coronavirus belongs to a large group of viruses that typically affects animals and birds. The very first case of Coronavirus was detected during the 1960s. It was found in chickens and then reached the nasal cavity of humans. It mainly attacks the respiratory system in people. 

What are its symptoms?

This virus attacks the upper respiratory tract which includes the larynx, nasal cavity, and pharynx. The symptoms that this virus display is very similar to common cold like; coughing, fever, headaches, sore throat and breathing difficulty. The main difference between cold and Coronavirus is that cold symptoms go away after three days but the latter remains for more than 15 days.

How does it spread?

As his virus is new for mankind; the scientists have not yet made conclusive outcomes as to how this virus spreads. But as it has similar symptoms like the common cold; researchers believe that it spreads through sneezing and coughing. If the other person is within 6 feet of the infected person then it most likely that the other person will be infected. 

What businesses can do to protect?

Staying at home is the best thing that you can do in order to protect yourself, but for businesses, it is not possible to close their companies and send all staff home. So what businesses can do to protect the employees from having Coronavirus? It is not only up to the cleaning services but the businesses also have to work with the commercial cleaning companies.

Hand washing more often

The best way that has been advised by the World Health Organization is to wash hands with soap and water. The businesses can put up posters in the bathrooms and restrooms so that employees and even visitors remember to do this practice. The poster must contain the right technique of washing hands.

Hire the best industrial cleaning services

Keeping commercial areas clean is the most important precaution that businesses can take. For this purpose hiring commercial cleaning services like RKM Clean is the best you can do as they provide many services to make your commercial area clean and sanitized.

Wear Protective mask

Businesses must make it a point to have protective masks available at all times. They should create a rule to wear masks whenever they go outside or come back from a field trip. The masks are a very good way of keeping the liquid from coughing and sneezing trapped out.

Covering nose and mouth when sneeze or cough

As discussed above wearing a mask makes sure that the person is saved from the virus. But when you are not wearing a mask and you start coughing or sneezing; at that time you have to cover up your nose and mouth. This will prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. 

Have regular screening

If even one of the employees has any symptom that is closely related to Coronavirus it is good that he/ she are sent for tests. But to have insight into the overall health conditions of the other staff members; screening should be done regularly. 

How can industrial cleaning services reduce the spread?

As Coronavirus is spreading throughout the world; it is becoming more and more necessary that businesses hire cleaning services to sanitize their business buildings. The commercial cleaning companies are using the following ways to make sure that the contamination of the virus is curtailed.

Thoroughly cleaning of the commercial building 

Each and every part of the commercial building must be thoroughly cleaned. All of the appliances that are touched the most should be wiped clean with sanitizers.

Always have cleaning supplies in full stock

Cleaning supplies like soaps, hand wash, sanitizer, tissue paper, towels, and other commercial cleaning materials must be available at all times and in full stock. It may happen that the businesses call the cleaning companies urgently.

Using steam for cleaning

Steam is known to kill bacteria and viruses but only when the steam is extremely hot. If the businesses have carpets and curtains in their offices and other buildings then steam cleaning is the best way to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Use disincentives and antibacterial products

Cleaning companies should have various kinds of anti-bacterial and disinfect products. These products are used to wipe clean everything from the furniture to appliances and handles. 

The cleaning staff is well protected

The move out cleaning services should take care of their employees and cleaning staff. It will be bad for the company that its employees are infected and are the cause of spread rather than preventing it. The employees and staff should be healthy can cleared from Coronavirus.



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