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Salesforce, the Essential Platform for E-Commerce

Managing e-commerce can seem really complex, especially if the most suitable tools are not available. But today, thanks to Salesforce, it will be possible to entrust to the right software all that series of tasks that, once, were concentrated in the hands of those who also had to deal with all the other aspects related to electronic commerce.

So let’s see what Salesforce is and how it could be used.

What’s Salesforce?

Salesforce can be defined as a platform thanks to which it is now possible to optimize all online sales processes.

In fact, through it, it will be possible to mark a track for many activities, such as:

  • The management of remote assistance to customers;
  • The realization of marketing activities;
  • The implementation of transaction analysis.

Salesforce is, therefore, a CRM and as such it gives you the opportunity to manage your e-commerce in an efficient and innovative way, giving you the opportunity to connect with your customers like you have never done before.

Why choose Salesforce

Surely you may already be partially convinced of the goodness of Salesforce, but being able to identify in detail what are the advantages related to this software could lead you, even more, to opt for it in the management of your e-commerce.

In particular, therefore, the advantages associated with its use are as follows:

  • Direct and automated management of customer support;
  • Ability to quickly analyze sales data to implement your marketing campaigns;
  • Ability to better manage your warehouse and also the entire sales and procurement process;
  • Great fluidity in use;
  • Ease of use also by the customer;
  • High conversion rates.

Precisely with reference to the latter aspect, it was found that with this platform:

  • You can register twice as much growth in your business volume compared to other media on the market;
  • A conversion rate can be found that will reach 60% more than in the past;
  • It is possible to have the support of a community formed by international retailers;
  • It is also possible to have the support of people who will have specific training as business consultants;
  • It will be possible to have a system always updated and able to guarantee the advanced development of your e-commerce.

How to use Salesforce to improve your e-commerce

Thanks to its specific characteristics, it will allow you to significantly improve your e-commerce site.

First of all, you can make your e-commerce easily navigable by users, who will no longer feel “lost” during the management of their purchases.

Furthermore, thanks to its tools, you can easily expand your e-commerce, even outside the territory.

Furthermore, your sales and order management operations will be made much simpler and faster, leaving you time to deal with other aspects related to electronic commerce.

Furthermore, if you also have a physical store, you can manage different aspects of your business by always using it without problems.

The same presence of artificial intelligence tools will allow you to detect a lot of data and to use decision-making tools of a winning level towards your customers.

Finally, the great potential of Salesforce will also give you the possibility to manage your payments in a simple way, both for you and for your customers, for example through the integration of the POS system.

All Salesforce resources

Going even deeper, let’s take a closer look at the specific resources of this platform, which include the following:

  • Mobile and social integration of your sales and promotion activities;
  • Simplified management of your different channels and also of differentiated stores and brands: all in one platform, easy to use;
  • The ability to recommend the most suitable products to customers, thanks to a predictive commerce system;
  • The ability to offer personalized content to your customer, who will feel valued in his shopping experience and also in the subsequent stages;
  • The ability to use sales-related data also to carry out marketing and social media campaigns for your e-commerce site;
  • The ability to easily manage orders, at any stage, with the integration of your warehouse in an automated way;
  • The presence of a community that will connect you not only to traders like you but also to experts and consultants who will be able to answer all your questions and give you a hand if you encounter difficulties.

Author Bio:

Jenifer is graduated from the college of Los Angeles and after that, she started working with a company that helps people that how to get approved for Amazon restricted categories. In the meantime, she manages her own blog because Jenny loves to travel around the world.


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