The Three Questions You Need to Ask Before Investing In CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras have become commonplace in industrial and commercial settings and slowly but surely, they are on their way to becoming a staple of modern homes. Thanks to the cameras’ ability to monitor everything happening in and around homes, industrial properties, and commercial spaces, they are rapidly gaining in popularity. 

In an age where so many people are investing in surveillance systems and CCTV cameras, you may be tempted to do the same. But before you choose CCTV camera installation in Dubai, you should ask yourself the three following questions to arrive at the product that would best suit your requirements.

1: How Is Environmental Lighting?

Environmental lighting refers to the sources of light present in and around the place where you want to install CCTV cameras. Too much light and too little of it both create their unique set of challenges and can ruin the quality of videos that are captured.

If there is too little environmental lighting, you should ideally invest in CCTV cameras that have built-in artificial illuminators, as they can improve lighting significantly. However, if the environmental lighting is too much, you should go with cameras that have light filtering technology.

2: What is the Area that You Want the CCTV Cameras to Cover?

The answer to this question will dictate not just the type of cameras that you need to buy, but also how many would be ideal. If the area to be covered is large and spread out, you should buy PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, as these cameras can be programmed to move and cover wide areas. 

However, if the area is not too big, static cameras would be enough to guarantee safety and security.

3: Should the Camera be Visible or should it be Discrete?

Discretion is one of the major dilemmas that people have to face before buying CCTV cameras. The simplest way to tackle this conundrum is to understand the exact purpose of the CCTV camera installation in Dubai.

For example, if you want to install CCTV cameras to deter thieves and burglars, then you should choose cameras that are big and visible, as the main purpose, in this case, would be to deter criminals. However, if you want to keep a close eye on your employees inside your business’ premises, you should choose cameras that they can’t spot easily.

When you get solid answers to all three of these questions, you can purchase the cameras that would perfectly suit your surveillance objectives.


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