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Things You Should Know about Microsoft Azure as a Cloud Developer

According to technology experts, the new era of computing means one can expect a strong connection between the cloud developers and Microsoft Azure. The latter is a storage platform that also happens to be working support for the various developer functions.

But before you plan to employ the use of Azure in your company, you also need to know that you need to subscribe to a blazing fast internet service. My company selects from the available Spectrum packages.

Coming back to Azure, let’s first clear your cloud confusion.

 What is Cloud Computing?

Before we begin to discuss Microsoft Azure, everyone reading this should be clear what cloud computing is. In simple words, cloud computing refers to the practice of using the Internet for accessing storage services as well as software. This saves you the space in your laptop or desktop that you would otherwise utilize in installing and running the programs on your hard drive.

There are many cloud computing services available including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. In the case of cloud software, the company that launches the software stores the data in its remote servers. You can access your data from those servers wherever the Internet is available to you and whenever you want.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft. Around 600 services come under the Azure umbrella. But to give you a rough idea, Azure is a web-based platform on which you can test, build, manage and deploy services as well as applications.

Some of Microsoft’s products hosted on Azure include:

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS

Talking of the areas of functionality that Azure offers, they are three in number including virtual machines, app services, and cloud services.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

You must be wondering that what are the benefits of employing Microsoft Azure. The answer is that this platform can be enormously beneficial for businesses. If businesses were to develop this level of computing service individually, it would cost them a lot. However, Azure has an on-demand licensing model that allows businesses to have access to innovative technologies and that too at a reasonable cost.

Azure allows businesses to have a digital transformation of their processes as well as operations. This allows businesses to become more productive. Not to forget that the level of efficiency increases as well. If businesses use Microsoft Azure, it can free the employees from many worries. The employees can then direct their effort and knowledge elsewhere.

Moreover, when stakeholders and other people learn about a company being backed up by a secure service, it raises credibility. Clients then show more trust in a company. The employees also become more confident when dealing with data.

Where is All the Azure Data?

As mentioned earlier, some servers cloud computing service companies own where all the data gets stored online. Talking of Azure, the cloud computing service has a large amount of data centers across the globe. This enables Azure to cover more areas as compared to other cloud computing services. To give you a vague idea, data centers that belong to Microsoft have fiber cabling sufficient to reach the moon and back three times.

You might be wondering if Azure is available in your region or not. Currently, Azure is available in 54 regions in 140 countries. You can have a look at the countries it is available online. However, the availability of Azure in your region does not guarantee that you will have access to all of its services too.

Ways Azure Benefits the Cloud Developers

Creation of Applications with price Benefit

If you happen to be a cloud developer, then you need to know about this feature of Azure that you can create an application on this platform. And those applications can scale anywhere between 10 to 10 million users. Once you are done creating the app, you can also have the leverage of defining the number of processors.

Azure can help you decrease your IT costs.

System Resilience Function

By using the system resilience function you can break a single app into chunks of micro-services that are redundant. Developers can also enjoy the reduced service outage feature that the system resilience function offers. Moreover, you will get an automated workaround for any of the failed or unimportant business processes.

Familiarity with Windows

One major benefit that Azure has is that it is a Windows-based service. This means that the developers are already familiar with the programming language. Hence, making it easy for developers to write programs for new applications easily.

Other benefits that developers can have when using Azure include:

  • Optimal coding practice for cloud-based apps
  • App availability

If you wish for your business to employ the use of Azure as well, make sure that the service is available in your area. I suggested Azure to my boss. However, it was not available in our area back then. Unlike the Spectrum service area that our company falls in, making it easy for us to subscribe to the services. If you are a cloud developer, you will benefit from this feature.


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