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Top 5 Problems that An Actor has to face

They say, “if it wasn’t hard, everybody would do it”. Let’s be clear- acting is not everyone’s cup of tea. Every actor wishes to be famous but many are consigned to oblivion.

Of all the many parts that make up the experience of the film, the one that receives the most critical attention has always been the performer: the actor and the actress. Almost every single person wants to get these parts.

You think that you are talented, hardworking, and fit the part. Now, the only thing that stands between you now and you as the next movie star is that one successful audition for an independent film. However, you’ve always been told you “have it,” but the phone doesn’t ring for callbacks. That means that you were just building castles in the air. There is something which is wrong and you haven’t recognized it yet.

As an actor, you really have to overcome challenges to be able to reach your dreams. The dream of becoming a highly paid and a recognizable talent in the showbiz world. Keep reading this article to know the most common problems that an actor has to face so that you won’t repeat it in the future.


No Emotional Connection to The Role:

Remember one thing that if you want to nail any scene you must connect yourself to it emotionally. A personal and emotional connection to the role is absolutely necessary if you are planning to bring the scene to life. If you’re looking for the right pitch to connect emotionally with the scene then use your acting techniques. There are many practical acting ways and techniques to help you in connecting with the scene and the emotions behind it. But the main issue with the majority of actors is that they are desperate to leave everyone in ‘awe’ of their performance. They simply fake the right emotion in the hope of appreciation rather than working on it naturally. However, any workable, practical acting technique should teach the actor clearly how to connect emotionally to the role.

Disconnection from the scene:

Sometimes, an actor gets so engrossed in his performance that he completely disconnects from his surroundings. This disconnection makes him more prominent than his co-actors, it may appear good for the actor but its empty acting. The success of any film or drama is the result of the collective effort of different actors working together as a team. So, if as an actor you can’t connect with the surroundings you can affect the overall performance of the team. This is the factor that we consider the most when we make a selection for casting call Dubai.

No Connection with Co-actors:

This is one of the major problems that many actors face in their careers. Not connecting with other actors in a particular scene is a problem faced by many actors. They are trying but it appears to the audience like the presence of other actors isn’t clear to them. In order to avoid such problems actors should connect with their coworkers properly, so they won’t lag behind while performing. The connection between lead actors is what the audience notices the most. Therefore, while going for auditions for casting in Dubai you should focus on showing connections with co-actors during auditions.

Memory Issues:

The memory issue is another major problem faced by actors during their actor careers. Actors usually hear the lines ‘great work how did you learn all these lines?’ what people don’t realize is the immense pressure actors face while memorizing their lines. As humans its natural to make mistakes and forget things. However, as an actor, you don’t have that margin because it’s ‘do or die’ situation once you’re on the stage performing. It’s really frustrating for an actor if they forget a line while performing it’s a nightmare. The solution to this problem is planning ahead of time what to do if you still forget and practicing over and over again.  


Believability is another issue that many actors face. How to act believable and true that the audience believes in you this can be a big challenge especially if the actor doesn’t believe in himself. If you’re facing this issue then no need to worry just relax and first believe in yourself. An actor inwardly knows when he isn’t doing something right it’s a feeling that most of the actors have.

Creating Emotions:

Portraying real-life emotions is one of the hardest things that an actor has to do. Sometimes, actors don’t know how to illustrate the emotions that a scene demands. There are certain acting techniques that an actor can use to reproduce emotions.

To cut it short, acting is difficult but as an actor, you learn how to tackle these challenges with time. Believe in yourself and your acting abilities and you will be able to overcome any challenge faced.


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